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SIU RETURN TO WORK - June 29, 2020

Beginning on Monday, June 29, 2020, staff from the following SIU Research Park offices will be working both in-person and remotely until the end of July. SIU Research Park buildings will be open to the public from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Some services will be available in person but most will be offered through alternate formats. It is preferred that you contact staff for an appointment, rather than walking in, because they are holding many appointments as Zoom and conference calls rather than in-person meetings.

In compliance with the governor’s order, masks are required in indoor public spaces regardless of the ability to maintain social distance. Indoor public places include spaces anyone can access, such as reception areas with walk-in access and the lobbies of buildings. Social distancing guidelines also remain in effect.

For your convenience, see the list of office contacts below. Thank you for your interest in the programs and services of the SIU Research Park. We look forward to hearing from you and working with Southern Illinois--one business at a time.

SIU Research Park and Business Incubator Tenants

Administrative Questions: Lynn Andersen Lindberg (618-453-6754)

General Questions: Deb Barnett (618-453-3849)

Facilities Questions or Requests: Amy Ortiz (618-453-1495)

Business Office Questions: Lynn Harbert (618-453-6752)

Illinois Small Business Development Center at SIU

Greg Bouhl or Ken Stoner (618-536-2424)

Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center at SIU

John Morgan (618-536-2424)

Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

Lori Amerman (618-453-3829)

Office of Workforce Innovation and Research and Illinois Nurse Aide Testing

Tom Hovatter (618-453-4367)

Enhancing Growth and Building Prosperity through Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Community Engagement

 Established 30 years ago, the Office of Economic and Regional Development (OERD) serves as the university’s primary business and community development outreach arm.  OERD  has a history of success in enhancing growth and building prosperity throughout southern Illinois.  SIU has been supporting the region’s entrepreneurs in job creation, enterprise development and expansion, and strengthening the rural southern Illinois economy since 1985 with the establishment of the Small Business Development Center.  Staff expertise in business start-up and expansion, conventional financing, business consulting, and entrepreneurship training have made this program one of the most successful in Illinois.  With the addition of the Small Business Incubator in 1990 and the  formation of SIU Research Park in 2001, the University added a focus on advancing research and innovation and increasing technology jobs in southern Illinois.   Technology entrepreneurship training, youth and collegiate entrepreneurship, and the Saluki Innovation Lab are key successes of this unit.  Additional efforts are focused on making communities more prosperous and healthy through collaborative engagement and greater connectivity in southern Illinois.  Key partners include Champion Community Investments, Jackson Growth Alliance, and the SIUC Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development, to name a few.